About Us

If there was a way to bring a part of nature into your home and not feel guilty about it, wouldn’t you do it? We envisioned a world where people would pick the gifts of nature, not abuse her. Nature is bountiful but there is definitely not enough to go around. If all of us wanted flowers for our vase every day, there would be a serious shortage of flowers. It only makes sense then to preserve these gems of nature, for as long as we can.

Deco Aro has been in the international dry flowers market for 15 years. We’ve seen weddings, outdoor garden’s, public functions and homes fill with our dry flowers. The appreciation and support from our customers have helped us expand our offerings, and foray into online markets.

Our commitment to nature is strong, but we share another vision; to alleviate your soul. The spells of nature can reach every recess of the heart, the secret self that neither our friends, nor we ourselves can touch. We wholeheartedly believe in the virtues of nature. So, we are always thinking up new ways to bring the allure of nature into your life.