Incense Sticks Pack of 6 - NRF020001

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Pack of 6 Pcs scented incense sticks (English Rose, Vanila, Hibiscus, Lavender, Jasmine, Water Lilly).

20 Pcs of Incense sticks in each fragrance

Care Instruction 1. Keep Out of reach of children or pets 2. Keep away from all flammable materials 3. For Fragrance purpose only 4. Never leave the burning incense stick unattended and make sure all the ashes fall on a heat resistance surface ( an ashtray or Incense burner)
Direction to use 1. place the incense stick in an Incense holder 2. Light the Coated end until it flames 3. Bladder the flame, the end will glow up
Package Info
LxBxH (cm) 7 L x 3.5 B x 30 H
Weight 250 g
Product Specification
Fragrance English Rose, Vanilla, Hibiscus, french Lavender, Jasmine, Water Lilly - 20 sticks in each fragrance

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